Attorney Referrals for Lawsuit Advances

We ask for, and welcome your referrals. We are pro-plaintiff. The pre-settlement funding we provide gives your client the staying power to reject lowball offers. If your client is not struggling for funds, plaintiffs can hold out for the highest offer.


How We Conduct Ourselves

Non-recourse, contingent legal funding is legal and ethical. It is a resource for your firm to draw on which helps your clients. Our process is transparent and fair. Our fees and expenses are clearly spelled out in our agreement. We believe that we are more than competitive. We are fair and we will always seek to give your client the best deal possible.


Non-Recourse Legal Funding

Lawsuit advances by Metro Legal Funding are not loans since the funds advanced are entirely at risk. To be clear, the obligation to repay is not absolute – it is contingent solely upon a recovery on the case. A legal funding transaction, also referred to as a lawsuit advance, is actually a purchase of a portion of the proceeds expected from the case or action.

Legal funding liens are always subordinate to your attorney fees and costs.


Our Pledge

  • To maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • To respect your time and office procedures and work with you at your convenience.
  • To never pressure your client to accept an advance.
  • To advise clients that legal funding is expensive compared with other types of financing and should only be used as a last resort.



We greatly appreciate the referrals sent to us. We will treat your clients fairly.

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