About Metro Legal Funding

Metro Legal Funding, LLC is here to provide you a financial resource when you don’t have any where else to go. We fund you based on the merits of your filed law suit.

When you cannot borrow from banks, friends, family or anyone else, but need money to pay for your living expenses, mortgage, car payment, loans or other necessary expenses, a pre-settlement advance from Metro Legal Funding, LLC may be available. We are last resort financing – but we can help.

  • Ongoing lawsuit; expecting a recovery?
  • Expenses that you can’t get on top of? Mortgage, car payment, school payment, medical expenses?
  • Low credit score, bad credit, no where else to get funds?

Metro Legal Funding can provide you an advance against your expected lawsuit recovery.

  • You get: Money now. Your credit score doesn’t matter.
  • You get: No payments, no recourse. If you don’t recover, you pay nothing.
  • You pay: At the time of recovery, after your attorney’s fees are paid, you pay Metro Legal Funding the amount of the advance, plus our fees to compensate for the advance, and for the risk of loss in the event you don’t recover. We strive to keep our fees among the best in the industry.


Advantages of Metro Legal Funding

  • Fair rates
  • Fast cash – when you need it
  • Clear, upfront business transaction
  • Service. We can help you.